Builders Materials carries over 80 different stones to choose from.

We can help you find a stone that will help you create the look you want. Not only is manufactured stone very appealing, but it is simple and quick to install. Customers who want to install themselves and masons can attach stone to a wall without the need to build extra support or the need to use an anchoring system (wall ties) to support the stone.

Because manufactured stone is thinner and lighter than natural stone, it saves time and space while still giving you the appearance of natural stone. You will like the lower price of manufactured stone compared to natural stone. You will also have greater confidence in the color and texture consistency of manufactured stone compared to natural stone.

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The links below are intended to lend a helping hand in the design and use of brick. The ideas shown in these sites can serve as a guide that can save time and cost on your project and are by no means the limitations of our capabilities.

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