Add warmth and beauty to your home and be the focal point of any room.

According to (Microsoft’s portal) “House & Home Adviser,” adding a fireplace is one of the top three remodeling jobs in terms of return on investment (the other two are adding a bathroom and minor kitchen remodeling).

Studies show that homeowners can often recoup more than 100% of the cost of adding a fireplace when they sell the home. In fact, according to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, homeowners without fireplaces can potentially raise the selling prices of their homes by about 6-12% simply by adding a fireplace.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Do you enjoy the crackle and smell of burning real wood? Then you must see our selection of high efficiency wood burning fireplaces. We also sell all the components needed to build a masonry wood burning fireplace. With these components you can construct a traditional, Kiva (arched), or Rumford (tall opening with shallow depth) style fireplace. Customers enjoy the design variety as well as the affordability of these fireplace styles.
You can also construct a modular masonry fireplace, a fireplace kit made of Pumice (a lightweight, fire-proof material). This fireplace is highly heat efficient, is easier to install than most traditional, Kiva, or Rumford fireplaces, is lighter which allows flexibility with location (second floor for example), and takes up less space.

Gas Fireplaces

Do you want a fireplace that is low in cost and maintenance without losing its charm? A Gas fireplace is your optimal choice. As the most efficient fireplace, it’s easy to use and maintain, is aesthetically pleasing, is even good for individuals with allergies, and is cost efficient. Using a gas fireplace to heat a room instead of using the central heating to heat the entire house is an effective way to heat at a lower cost.

Electric Fireplaces

No gas available? No desire to burn wood? Still want a fireplace? How about electric? No gas or venting required. Just plug it in and turn it on. Complete with a built in heater!

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