Builders Materials carries clay brick from a variety of manufacturers around the country.

In addition to modular-sized brick, we offer oversized brick including king-size, 4x4x8, 4x4x12 and many other special shapes. Whatever your project needs may be, regardless of size, color, or texture, we can source the right brick through our represented brick lines and we carry a large selection of brick on hand.

If we do not happen to have the brick of your choice on hand, we can do special order processing.

Unique Benefits of Brick

Built to Last

The natural strength of clay brick ensures that commercial and residential buildings are built to endure. Buildings made of clay brick are very low maintenance and guarantee that structures continue to be an asset, not a liability, for decades to come. Because there is little maintenance needed for brick compared to stucco and similar less enduring cladding choices, brick is less of a tax burden.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We have brick in limitless colors, sizes, and shapes that allow developers, builders and design professionals the freedom to design visually appealing structures. Brick, such as in plazas, sidewalks, and city streets, can create a warmth and charm that is difficult to match by other building materials.

Increased Tax Base

Clay brick is higher in value than other cladding options which give communities an increased property tax base. This allows communities to attain more tax revenue on much needed city services. Thus, the enduring qualities of brick guarantee structures will add and not subtract from a city’s tax base for decades.

Safer Structures

Clay brick is a protective building material, being naturally fireproof as well as durable through severe weather conditions. Clay brick can also lower fire insurance premiums for home and business owners due to its protective nature.

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The links below are intended to lend a helping hand in the design and use of brick. The ideas shown in these sites can serve as a guide that can save time and cost on your project and are by no means the limitations of our capabilities.

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