Gas Logs

Do you want an economical way to convert your wood burning fireplace into a gas unit? Our gas logs offer the realistic look and feel of a wood burning fireplace without the hassle of clean up and maintenance. In order to be able to use these, there needs to be a gas source inside of the fireplace.

Kiva Gas Log

The Kiva set utilities a vertical grate and log stack and is designed for a kiva style fireplace

Woodland Timbers

The Woodland Timbers feature an open view ember bed for beautiful glow with lots that have deep bark texture and lighter colored split areas

Western Pine

The Western Pine features a beautifully colored fresh cut appearance with intricate split texture

Aspen Timbers

Aspen timbers are elegantly crafted white birch with a open view ember bed

Rustic Timbers Radiant Heat

The Rustic Timbers features split wood and charred logs that give the appearance of a mature fire with a warm glow

Colonial Cannon Balls

Full Pan burner with multiple media options can achieve a unique fire experience

Kodiak Split Double Stack

The Kodiak Split features a massive split front log with large top logs. This set is perfect for fireplaces with tall openings

Coal Basket

The olde world basket with coals features a beautifully crafted basket with warm glow from the coal chunks

Supreme Ponderosa

The Supreme Ponderosa Features a massive two-piece front log and large top logs designed for large firepalces

Pellet Fuel

Burning wood is much better for the environment than burning fossil fuels. Better yet, wood pellets are a renewable resource made from the waste material of sawmills (saw dust and shavings), so they efficiently reduce products that previously polluted the environment. Premium wood pellets are clean, convenient, and economical and produce low ash content. Also, when you use wood pellets, you do not need to be concerned about bringing in unwanted bugs and dust associated with traditional wood burning.

Pellets we stock:

Heat Resource: Premium oak hardwood pellets are made from only oak wood solids, without bark of fillers  $371.00 per ton

For more information on Pellet fuel and industry links please visit: Pellet Fuels Institute

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