Whether you like styles that are bold, subtle, contemporary or traditional,
nothing brings attention to a room like slate from Builders Materials.  Slate can achieve any ambiance you like.
It can give warmth to a gourmet kitchen or cool to a corporate downtown building.
ith our endless choices in earth-rich colors and natural textures from all over the world,
you will have unlimited freedom to express the style you want.  Because every slate floor tile is different,
there are no two slate floors that are alike, giving you that one-of-a-kind look you want.
Combining its dramatic beauty with its incredible durability
(many slate floors last a century or more!), makes slate an ideal choice.



Enjoy The Unique Benefits of Slate


Proven durability

Naturally slip-resistant

Low maintenance

Non-absorbent , with no sealant required


Won’t harbor fungi or bacteria

Non combustible (great around a fireplace or stove)